The Bad War and related thoughts

Great review above and great book The Bad War!  I’m reading it again to brush up on some things and every time I read it I glean more precious info. What makes the booklet tops in its field is the way its presented by date of event which makes a search of a topic better. When done reading you will see that the allies backed the wrong country, and Hitler would of been the best choice for Europe.
Like Patton said we defeated the wrong enemy. Churchill also said we slaughtered the wrong pig.

Definitely recommend this book/booklet and if you have the time pick up Ben Bradberry’s
book The Myth of German Villainy, another excellent all encompassing read.
Another great read is The Truth about World War 1 and 2 by Terrence Smart, a free pdf download, not sure about it being published as a book yet….and then all the books which are also free downloads at the
site. The TRUTH is out there but the powers to be are doing the best they can to keep people away from this precious truth.

By the way….
Youtube has banned 5 of my youtube sites in the last three months, and restrict the viewing of most of them in 42 countries, and counting . Vimeo deleted 3 of our paying acccounts, and I expect my last youtube sites one listed below will be taken down in the purge at some point in time.
Some of my videos are here below but considering I’ve produced over a thousand videos, over the last 10 years, or so so these sites are small potatoes….but better than nothing.
If you replace hooktube with youtube it will go to youtube site.

Jim Rizoli
My contact is 508-875-0835 if you need to talk
Web presence for now until they shut these sites down.

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