Jürgen Graf
Hoax or Holocaust
The Arguments
If we make a careful examination of the statements and numbers offered by the orthodox historians over the decades, it becomes obvious that there is hopeless confusion, and that the official version of the Holocaust has been constantly evolving. This is reminiscent of the manner in which the facts are constantly rewritten by Party officials in George Orwell’s novel of the century 1984. The following are a few remarkable examples:
The number of Auschwitz victims
Let us begin with the Auschwitz death statistics (1). The following are the deaths in the largest of the concentration camps:
– 9 million people, according to the film Nuit et Brouillard (2);
– 8 million people, according to the report of the French Office for the Investigation of War Crimes (3);
– 7 million people, according to Jewish former inmate Raphael Feigelsohn (4);
– 6 million people, according to Jewish publisher Tibere Kremer (5);
– 5 million people, including 4.5 Jews, according to Le Monde of 20 April 1978;
– 4 million people, according to the Nuremberg Tribunal (6);
– 3.5 million gassing victims, of whom 95% were Jews, and “many” who died of other causes, according to the Jewish film director Claude Lanzmann (7);
– 3 million people, including 2.5 gassing victims, by 1 December 1943 alone, according to the confession of the first Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss (8);
– 2.5 million people, according to the Jewish ex-inmate Rudolf Vrba (9);
– 2 to 3 million murdered Jews as well as thousands of non-Jews according to the confession of SS Man Pery Broad (10);
– 1.5 to 3.5 million gassed Jews just between April 1942 and April 1944, according to the Israeli “Holocaust expert” Yehuda Bauer in 1982 (11);
– 2 million gassed Jews according to Lucy Dawidowicz (12);
– 1.6 million people, including 1,352,980 Jews, according to Yehuda Bauer in 1989 (13);
– 1.5 million people, according to the Polish government in 1995 (14);
– Approximately 1.25 million people, including 1 million Jews, according to Raul Hilberg (15);
– 1 to 1.5 million people, according to Jean-Claude Pressac in 1989 (16);
– 800,000 to 900,000 people, according to the Jewish historian Gerald Reitlinger (17);
– 775,000 to 800,000 people, including 630,000 gassed Jews, according to JeanClaude Pressac in 1993 (18);
– 630,000 to 710,000 people, including 470,000 to 550,000 Jews, according to JeanClaude Pressac in 1994 (19).
It will be noted that the number of victims is constantly being revised downwards. But the total number of 5 to 6 million Holocaust victims never changes! You can subtract hundreds of thousands, even millions, from the 5 to 6 million, and the final total is always the same! That’s Holocaust mathematics!
To which document, to what discovery of mass graves do the exterminationists refer in their wildly divergent numbers of victims? None! All the figures given above are pure fantasy, without any reference to documented realities at Auschwitz. Revisionist estimates run to approximately 150,000 victims (according to Robert Faurisson) or 160,000 to 170,000 victims (according to Carlo Mattogno) — without any gassings. This still amounts to 40% of all inmates registered at Auschwitz. Epidemic diseases, chiefly typhus, were the main cause of the terribly high death toll at Auschwitz.
Soap of Jewish fat
In the Nuremberg Trial, it was claimed by the Soviets that the Germans had manufactured fat out of murder victims (20). This childish horror story has haunted the world press for decades, like the Loch Ness monster. It has been decked out with poetic mastery by Simon Wiesenthal (21).
“During the last weeks of March (1946), the Romanian press reported an unusual piece of news: in the small Romanian city of Folticini, 20 boxes of soap were buried in the Jewish cemetery with full ceremony and complete funeral rites. This soap had been found recently in a former German army depot. On the boxes were the initials RIF ‘pure Jewish fat’. These boxes were destined for the Waffen SS. The wrapping paper revealed with completely cynical objectivity that this soap was manufactured from Jewish bodies. Surprisingly, the thorough Germans forgot to describe whether the soap was produced from children, girls, men or elderly persons… After 1942, people in the General Gouvernement knew quite well what the RIF meant. The civilized world may not believe the joy with which the Nazis and their women in the General Gouvernement thought of this soap. In each piece of soap they say a
Jew who had been magically put there, and had they been prevented from growing into a second Freud, Ehrlich, or Einstein… The burial of this soap in a Romanian village may be reminiscent of the supernatural. The bewitched suffering contained in this small object of everyday utility shatters the alreadyhardened human heart of the 20th century. In the Atomic Age, the return of the darkest witch’s cauldron of the Middle Ages may appear ghostly. And yet it is the truth!”
In 1990, an Israeli Holocaust expert by the name of Shmul Krakowski admitted that the Jewish fat story was a legend. He then added, with limitless chutzpa, that the Germans were responsible for inventing this fairy tale just to torment the Jews (22). The principle, of course, is: “the Germans are always guilty”.
A Potpourri of Nazi extermination methods
If we trace the evolution of the Holocaust yarn over the years since 1942, we stumble across one surprise after the other. In particular, innumerable methods of mass killing of which there is not the slightest mention in the later literature, are described in the most graphic detail, particularly:
a) Pneumatic hammers
This method is described as follows in a report of the Polish resistance movement on Auschwitz (23):
“When the Kommandos went to work, they led them into the courtyard in the penal company where the executions took place by means of a ‘pneumatic hammer’. They bound the prisoners’ hands together behind their backs and brought them in, one after the other, naked, into the courtyard. They placed them in front of the barrel of an air gun, which was discharged without a sound. The hammer crushed the skull, and the compressed air destroyed the entire brain.”
b) Electric baths
As reported by the Polish resistance movement, the following method was also commonly used in Auschwitz (24):
“According to the report of an SS officer, the number of victims in the electrical chambers amounted, unofficially, to 2,500 per night. The executions took place in electrical baths…”
c) Electrical assembly line killing
Another variant was described by Pravda on 2 February, five days after the liberation of Auschwitz:
“They (the Germans) opened up the so-called ‘old graves’ in the eastern part of the camp, removed the bodies, and wiped out the trace of the assembly line
killing installation where hundreds of people were killed simultaneously with electrical current.”
d) Atomic bombs
At the Nuremberg Trial, US prosecutor Robert Jackson made the following accusation (25):
“A village, a small village was provisionally erected, with temporary structures, and in it approximately 20,000 Jews were put. By means of this newly invented weapon of destruction, these 20,000 people were eradicated almost instantaneously, and in such a way that there was no trace left of them; the explosive used developing temperatures of from four to five hundred degrees Centigrade.”
e) Burning alive
Elie Wiesel, honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, was interned at Auschwitz from the spring of 1944 until January 1945. In his memoirs of the camp, La Nuit, published in 1958, he never mentions the gas chambers — not once, not with one single word — even though 400,000 Hungarian Jews, among others, are said to have been gassed during his period of internment. (In the German translation, which appeared under the title of Die Nacht zu begraben, Elischa, the gas chambers nevertheless make a miraculous appearance, for the simple reason that, whenever the word “crématoire” appears in the original, the translator has mistranslated it as “Gaskammer”). According to Wiesel, the Jews were exterminated in the following manner (26):
“Not far from us blazed flames from a pit, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drove up to the pit and dumped its load into the pit. They were small children. Babies! Yes, I had seen it, with my own eyes…Children in the flames (is it any wonder, that sleep shuns my eyes since that time?). We went there, too. Somewhat further along, was another, bigger pit, for adults. ‘Father’, I said, ‘if that is so, I wish to wait no longer. I shall throw myself against the electrified barbed wire fence. That is better than lying around in the flames for hours’.”
How little Elie survived lying around in the flames for hours, by some miracle, will be revealed below.
f) Steam chambers
In December 1945, at the Nuremberg Trial the following accusation was made regarding the mass killings at Treblinka (27):
“All victims had to strip off their clothes and shoes, which were collected afterwards, whereupon all victims, women and children first, were driven into the death chambers… After being filled to capacity, the chambers were hermetically closed and steam was let in. In a few minutes all was over… From
reports received may be assumed that several hundred thousands of Jews have been exterminated in Treblinka.”
g) Suffocation by pumping all the air out of the death chambers
This method was described by the Soviet-Jewish writer Vassily Grossman at Treblinka (28).
h) Quicklime trains
At Belzec the Jews were killed according to eyewitness Jan Karski as follows (29):
“The floors of the car had been covered with a thick, white powder. It was quicklime. Quicklime is simply unslaked lime or calcium oxide that has been dehydrated. Anyone who has seen cement being mixed knows what occurs when water is poured on lime. The mixture bubbles and steams as the powder combines with the water, generating a large amount of heat. Here the lime served a double purpose in the Nazi economy of brutality. The moist flesh coming in contact with the lime is rapidly dehydrated and burned. The occupants of the cars would be literally burned to death before long, the flesh eaten from their bones. Thus, the Jews would “die in agony””, fulfilling the promise Himmler had issued “in accord with the will of the Fuehrer”, in Warsaw, in 1942. Secondly, the lime would prevent decomposing bodies from spreading disease. It was efficient and inexpensive – a perfectly chosen agent for their purposes.
It took three hours to fill up the entire train by repetitions of this procedure. It was twilight when the forty six (I counted them) cars were packed. From one end to the other, the train, with its quivering cargo of flesh, seemed to throb, vibrate, rock, and jump as if bewitched. There would be a strangely uniform momentary lull and then, again, the train would begin to moan and sob, wail, and how. Inside the camp a few score dead bodies remained and a few in the final throes of death. German policemen walked around at leisure with smoking guns, pumping bullets into anything that by single motion betrayed an excess of vitality. Soon, not a single one was left alive. In the now quiet camp the only sounds were the inhuman screams that were echoes from the moving train. Then these, too, ceased. All that was now left was the stench of excrement and rotting straw and a queer, sickening, acidulous odour which, I thought, may have come from the quantities of blood that had been let, and with which the ground was stained. As I listened to the dwindling outcries from the train, I thought of the destination toward which it was speeding. My informants had minutes described the entire journey. The train would travel about eighty miles and finally come to a halt in an empty, barren field. Then nothing at all would happen. The train would stand stock-still, patiently waiting until death had penetrated into every corner of its interior. This would take from two to four days.”
This Jan Karski was, by the way, appointed to chair a committee for “Scientific Research on the Holocaust” along with Elie Wiesel.
i) Chambers with submergible, electrified flooring. Stefan Szende, a Doctor of Philosophy, describes the extermination of the Jews at Belzec quite differently (30):
“The death factory comprises an area approximately 7 km in diameter… The trains filled with Jews entered a tunnel into the underground rooms of the execution factory… The naked Jews were brought into gigantic halls. Several thousand people at one time could fit into these halls. The halls had no floor. The floor was of metal and was submergible. The floors of these halls, with their thousands of Jews, sank into a basin of water which lay beneath — but only far enough so that the people on the metal plate were not entirely under water. When all the Jews on the metal plate were in the water up to over their hips, electrical current was sent through the water. After a few moments, all the Jews, thousands at once, were dead. Then they raised the metal plate out of the water. On it lay the corpses of the murder victims. Another shock of electrical current was sent through, and the metal plate became a crematory oven, white hot, until all the bodies were burnt to ashes… Each individual train brought three to five thousand, sometimes more, Jews. There were days on which the lines to Belzec supplied twenty or more trains. Modern technology triumphed in the Nazi system. The problem of how to execute millions of people, was solved.”
j) Blood poisoning
This method, described on 7 February 1943 in the New York Times (“… gas chambers and blood poisoning stations which were erected in the rural regions…”), appears to have gone into oblivion as soon as it was invented.
k) Drowning
According to the Israeli Holocaust specialist Yehuda Bauer, the Rumanians in Odessa murdered 144,000 Soviet Jews, mostly by drowning (31). The same method of extermination was testified to by the underground press agent for the Warsaw ghetto, as well as for Babi Yar (32):
“Not a single Jew remains in Kiev, since the Germans have thrown the entire Jewish population of Kiev into the Dnieper.”
l) Chlorine gas, assembly-line shootings, boiling water, acids
Mass murders with chlorine gas, as well as assembly line shootings were reported for Treblinka (33). Reports of massacres with acids and boiling water round make a complete assortment of killing methods (34).
The exterminationists no longer wish to be reminded of all these stories today. At that time, however, they were considered to be “proven fact” — “proven” by the testimonies of “eyewitnesses” — just like the gas chambers, which have been placed a under legal protection order in several “free democracies”.