‘The Problem of “Auschwitz” Hellmut Diwald

‘The Problem of “Auschwitz”’

Hellmut Diwald

Ever since the charge was made that the SS attempted to physically annihilate the Jews of Europe, under orders from Hitler and as directed by Himmler and the Reich Security Main Office, the problem of “Auschwitz” had been completely blacked out. Since the capitulation in 1945, “Auschwitz” has also served as the main vehicle in a campaign to reduce the German people to complete moral degradation.

… Countless works have been published and claims made since 1945 that cannot be proven and which cynically add to the infamy. The most horrible events of modern times have been exploited through the use of distortions, deceptions and exaggerations for the purpose of totally disqualifying a people.

Thus, the victorious Allies claimed the existence of “extermination camps” of which there was not a single one in Germany. For years visitors to the Dachau concentration camp were shown “gas chambers” where as many as 25,000 Jews were allegedly killed daily by the SS. Actually, the rooms displayed were dummy chambers that the US military had forced imprisoned SS men to build after the capitulation. A similar case involved the notorious Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where 50,000 inmates were supposedly murdered. Actually, about 7,000 inmates died during the period when the camp existed, from 1943 to 1945. Most of them died in the last months of the war as a result of disease and malnutrition — consequences of the bombings that had completely disrupted normal deliveries of medical supplies and food. The British commander who took control of the camp after the capitulation testified that crimes on a large scale had not taken place at Bergen-Belsen.

The deportation of the Jews took place as part of a general forced-labor program for the war industry. After the beginning of the war against Russia, the German war economy grew form month to month and reached a high point in mid-1944. All those who could work at all were inducted, including the Jews. In accordance with their special status, they were subject to especially inhumane treatment. The enormous program for their deportation by railway from all the occupied territories for use in Eastern munitions factories and work camps was justified by the military importance of their tasks and received top priority, even ahead of army transport.

Auschwitz, an old industrial town in the upper Silesian plateau, developed into a major wartime production center. The chemical industry quickly became far more important than the older zinc rolling mills and grinding works. The most significant aspect was the production of artificial rubber and petroleum from coal. On February 16, 1942, all concentration camps were incorporated into the war economy and munitions industry and accordingly came under the organizational authority of the SS Main Office for Economic Administration and its chief, General Otto Pohl.

The various camps were classified according to their importance to the war economy. Birkenau, a part of the Auschwitz complex, served as the camp for those inmates who were declared unsuited for work. Consequently, the camp had the highest death rate. On July 26, 1942, a devastating typhus epidemic broke out in Birkenau. As many as 20,000 died within three months.

That is why an especially large number of crematoria for burning the bodies were built in Birkenau. Reports of the high death rate there moved Himmler to issue an order on December 28, 1942, “to reduce the number of deaths in the concentration camps at all costs.”

During the war Jewish emigration was no longer possible, and the expression “total solution” or “final solution” was coined to refer to the policy whereby all Jews were to be segregated from the German population, removed from central Europe, evacuated to the East, and relocated in new ghettos. This plan was outlined by Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reich Security Main Office, on June 24, 1940. The central questions about what actually happened in the subsequent years still remain unclear despite all of the literature. “Auschwitz” is the German stigma of this century.

Geschichte der Deutschen (“History of the Germans”), first edition, 1978, pages 164-165.

From The Journal of Historical Review, November/December 1993 (Vol. 13, No. 6), page 16.


Now, Pres Trump held the press conference, Aug 15, 2017, to discuss infrastructure.  And it’s obvious that the media had other ideas.   As such, he graciously answered the questions about Charlottesville and race issues in our country. Pres Trump attempted to bring balance to the slanted yellow journalism reporting prevalent THROUGHOUT the media world about the Charlottesville event. It is clear the mainstream media and their subsidiary minions don’t report the news but rather SPIN it to their liking – thus the term FAKE NEWS, and well, the old-fashioned term for it – LIES.
Pres Trump said that on Saturday, he thought that events in Charlottesville were as reported until he saw the videos himself. He concluded that (for lack of a better term) the ‘alt-left’ who did NOT have a permit to demonstrate VIOLENTLY ATTACHED the ‘alt-right’ who DID have the permit and were there to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. He condemns violent action wherever it raises its ugly head. He was able to see the protestors were peaceable and the counterprotesters WERE NOT.
The Pres Obama would NEVER HAD said or done that and that, in fact, Obama and his minions exacerbated or even created the racial tension situation throughout various communities during his time in office.
Pres Trump also said that as jobs ARE being returned to the states and the consequent economic plight of both black and white improves, race relations will also improve.
It is very clear to me that there is a concerted effort EVERYWHERE WE TURN to marginalize us (we who disagree with and even dispute the PC version of EVERYTHING) – to provoke conflicts with each other, using epithets to separate us.
WE (deplorables) VOTED FOR TRUMP, having had enough with the PC elitist politicians; therefore, WE (deplorables) are the extremists. The ‘neonazi’ or ‘kkk’ labels will be used liberally (but without foundation) to prove their point. If we can be wrapped in a confining package with these spurious terms, then we can be discredited AT LEAST and eventually no longer be able to express our opinion, redress, etc. – you know, WE WILL STOP YOU FROM CAUSING TROUBLE for the politically correct.
But you see, It is clear WE DEPLORABLES will not go quietly, accepting the dismantling of our history, for example, taking away our rights by declaring that we are HOMEGROWN TERRORISTS (a term tossed around discussing the Charlottesville event). We will go kicking and screaming in objection – we will have our say – and there are WAY more of us than they thought. AFTER ALL, WE VOTED PRES TRUMP IN!!!!
Diane King
Framingham, MA